James Buchanan Not Gay 6 Nov 2016. James Buchanan was at Wheatland, his Lancaster, Pa., estate, when he was notified he'd been elected. Buchanan had his detractors, like President Andrew Jackson, but not everyone hated him. “Because he was gay?”. Buchanan is also popular for other things; not only is he believed to have probably been the first gay
Grover Cleveland Married His Daughter 14.01.2020  · President Grover Cleveland was ill-prepared for the American sovereigns’ (as he referred to the public) fascination with his soon-to-be-bride when he formally announced their upcoming nuptials on May 28, 1886. In an era in which people obtained their news in print, occasionally with the aid of an artist’s sketch, word traveled rapidly about the
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Would he come to believe America could never escape its deeply scarring history of slavery? Or would he have found hope in a newly assertive generation of young African American people who have.