Incumbent, James Monroe (DR). Prior streak, DR (5). Prior five elections, DR (5). Population, 9,638,453. States, 24. Electoral votes, 232. Popular votes, n.a.

9 Nov 2000. The Founders intended electoral votes to be cast by electors who would. 1820, when James Monroe was elected to his second term of office.

The U.S. presidential election of 1816 resulted in an easy win for James Monroe. James Monroe, former secretary of state under President James Madison, won the. Electoral College votes in the election of 1824: This map of the Electoral.

As secretary of state in James Madison’s cabinet during the War of 1812. winning all but a single electoral vote. Perhaps Monroe’s most enduring legacy was his statement in 1823 that the United.

King would be their final presidential candidate. In the electoral college, Democratic-Republican James Monroe easily crushed him with 183 votes to King’s 34. When Monroe sought re-election four years.

Opening page of a book describing the tour of James Monroe. elected with 183 electoral votes to the Federalists' 34, it signaled the end of the Federalist Party.

His victory of electoral votes is the 15th highest percentage. When it comes to electoral victories, Donald Trump is certainly no James Monroe and never will be. He simply doesn’t measure.

Last year in Jefferson Parish, for example, Newell Normand was re-elected sheriff with 88 percent of the vote. Last month in Wisconsin. Thomas Jefferson in 1804, James Monroe in 1816 and 1820,

The first five presidents, from George Washington to James Monroe, were elected by the Electoral College alone. The 1824 election was the first where the popular vote was even counted. Not until 1832.

Prior to the 1800 election, six of the 16 states changed their method of selection to ensure the majority party’s preferred presidential candidate won the maximum electoral votes. Thomas Jefferson.

Today, such political grace notes are rare as the nation slouches toward its first dyspeptic landslide – an electoral-vote avalanche for a candidate. fourth and fifth presidents (Jefferson, James.

READ MORE: Brexit snub: Trump has NO interest in UK trade – shock claim In addition to Mr Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James.

The first trio served in the early days of the republic: Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and James. was basically a one-party nation. Monroe ran unopposed in the 1820 election, winning all but one.

4 Jan 2016. When the final results were in, Madison received 122 electoral votes, compared to 47 for Pinckney and 6 for George Clinton. James Monroe.

After serving his first term, he was re-elected unanimously in 1792. In the election of 1820, James Monroe won all but one of the electoral votes cast. John Adams, Washington’s vice-president and the.

10 Apr 2019. After 1816, in which Democratic-Republican James Monroe defeated his. Of the 261 electoral votes, Jackson needed 131 or better to win but.

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Numbers indicate the number of electoral votes allotted to each state. 1812, Democratic-Republican candidate James Monroe defeated Federalist Rufus King.

Their hold was so great that in 1816 and 1820, James Monroe, the Republican presidential. Tennessean Andrew Jackson had won the most electoral and popular votes and the most regions and states, but.

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The margin of Nixon's electoral vote victory was the third largest in the nation's history, eclipsed only by the elections of 1820, when James Monroe rolled up 231.

Kentucky and its eight electoral votes is not particularly competitive these days, as the state has drifted solidly into the Republican column in every election this century. But throughout the.

The other 67 electoral votes represent electors casting their votes for a different. Sr. was pledged to vote for Democratic-Republican candidate James Monroe.

11 Aug 2019. Monroe won the electoral votes of all 24 states and would have received all 232 votes if one elector from New Hampshire hadn't cast his vote.

Alexander Hamilton, the illegitimate son of James Hamilton, a poor Scottish peddlar. In 1800, Jefferson chose Burr again for his running-mate and won the election with 73 electoral votes each.

By winning a majority (however slim) within one of those 11 legislatures, a given political party could often expect to cast every single electoral vote in that state. man militia to march on.

1 Faithless Elector Laws; 2 Trends in Faithless Elector Votes; 3 The Election of 1836. President James Monroe ran unopposed due to the collapse of the.

18 Aug 2019. The Election of 1824 Was Decided in the House of Representatives. as secretary of state in the James Monroe administration since 1817. ran and none of them received a majority of votes from the electoral college.

When Barack Obama leaves offices at noon on January 20, he will be only the second two-term president to serve after two other consecutive two-term presidents since James Monroe in 1824. needs less.

The United States presidential election of 2064 was the 70th quadrennial. vote, the highest win by a candidate since James Monroe's re-election in 1820.

29 Feb 2016. The United States presidential election of 1964 was the 45th. of the popular vote, the highest won by a candidate since James Monroe's.

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28 Nov 2016. Of those 54 cases, Trump's share of the electoral vote — assuming there are no faithless electors or. 1, 1820, James Monroe, 232, 231, 99.6.

James Monroe rode into Boston Common astride. faction would best serve their interests.” In 1820, Monroe won a second term essentially unopposed, with an Electoral College vote of 231 to 1. He felt.

James Monroe, the nation’s future fifth president. Monroe received 183 of 217 electoral votes, winning every state but Massachusetts, Connecticut and Delaware. In 1820, Monroe, a slaveholder,

In the electoral process at the time, the candidate with the most votes would. was a slaveholder from Georgia and was the favorite of President James Monroe.

Richard Labunski is a professor emeritus of journalism from the University of Kentucky and author of James Madison and the.

4 Mar 2016. President James Monroe and his Vice President, Daniel D. Tompkins, won all but one electoral vote, which went to John Quincy Adams.